Thursday, June 5, 2014

Feature of the Week: Bookmarking publications from Morgan and Claypool Publishers with the BibSonomy add-on

This week's feature is presented by our student Haile: 

The new MorgenClaypoolScraper scrapes publication metadata from Morgan & Claypool Publishers and thereby allows you to easily store that data in BibSonomy. Using the scraper is very easy with the BibSonomy add-on. If you do not have it in your browser, yet, download and install it for your browser. Here are the basic steps to follow when you want to post publications using the add-on: 
  1. Open a publication from Morgan & Claypool publishers. For example, Linked Data: Evolving the Web into a Global Data Space is available on their website.  
  2. Click on the save publication button on your browser:  
  3. A new page will be loaded for editing your entry. Add tags by extending tags (encircled in red). Possible tags will be recommended by BibSonomy.  
  4. Click on the save button.

As you can see, it’s very easy: on the publication site from Morgan & Claypool you just need to click on the post publication button of the BibSonomy browser add-on.

Happy Tagging!

Haile M

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