Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Release 2.0.21

What day is today? Right, last wednesday of the month, which means... BibSonomy release day! After the christmas break, we're happy to announce the new BibSonomy is called 2.0.21. Besides the usual internal cleanups and optimizations, the following new things were contained:

  • A new layout, according strictly to the German norm DIN-1505
  • Discussion pages for groups
  • Worked-over document upload facility (in-place directly at each entry)
  • O-auth support for our API
  • Very cool preview images for uploaded documents
In the upcoming weeks, we'll explain those features in greater detail. Apart from that, we added the following new scrapers:
  • NEJM
and repaired the folowing ones:
  • AGU
  • OpenRepository
  • WorldCat
  • OPAC
  • AandA
As usual, we're always grateful for feedback, suggestions, or basically anything which comes from you as our valued users!! Happy Tagging,

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