Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Release 2.0.43

Dear BibSonomy users,

today, we released a new version of BibSonomy. Next to internal changes, it contains two new REST API export formats BibTex and Endnote. With these it is possible to export your publications in BibTex and Endnote via the webservice API.

Happy Tagging,

Monday, March 24, 2014

Maintenance Downtimes

Dear BibSonomy users,

our network infrastructure is currently under maintenance. This caused some downtime today.
One more maintenance time frame is scheduled for Thursday at 10pm and could last about 10 minutes.

Sorry for that & otherwise Happy Tagging

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Feature of the week: Thumbnails and download documents with TYPO3 extension BibSonomy CSL

Last week we released version 1.3 of the TYPO3 extension BibSonomy CSL. With this new version, come a lot of new features for displaying publication lists on TYPO3 webpages.

The main new feature is a way to share documents that are attached to publication posts. Further, you can also have thumbnails (magnified by mouseover) of the document displayed in publication lists. Therefor you've got a new set of options in TYPO3's backend to select your preferred way to display your publications.

If a publication has no attached documents, instead of a thumbnail an icon depicting the publication type is shown (the same ones you already know from BibSonomy' web page).


Another new feature is the possibility to sort publications by title, publication type, and authors. To setup the advanced sorting options we have created a new own tab for sorting and ordering.

For the Tag Cloud Plugin we have added a blacklist to filter tags, \e.g. tags that help you in managing you posts but which you would not neccessarily want to be displayed on your home page. Additionally, you can filter the tags by defining a set of related tags.

You can download BibSonomy CSL extension from the TYPO3 repository:
If you interested in the source code you can visit the development repository on Bitbucket at

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Getting access to the full-text of publications made easy

Most scientific publications are not freely available from the publisher but require payment or a subscription. However, more and more authors support Open Access and their publications are available in the web free-of-charge. 

How can you find freely available PDF versions of publication posts in BibSonomy? With the last release we added a small feature that helps you finding such documents: 

On publication details pages you find now a search box which allows you to search for a publication on one of the major academic search engines. There you can often find a link to a freely accessible PDF:
I think this really improves my workflow, because before we added this feature, I had to manually copy the title and search for it to find the PDF. Now the PDF is only a stone's throw from BibSonomy. We hope you like the feature as much as I do.

Happy Tagging!

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