Monday, May 26, 2014

Feature of the week: Updating Privacy in batchedit page

We have added a new option to the batchedit page** : Set Viewability.
You can select ‘Set Viewabilty’ from the drop down list and this allows you to set the same privacy to several posts at once.

This new feature might be useful after joining a new group. In this case the user can set the privacy of several posts to the new group at once. Also it will be a nice feature for users who do not want to let others know, before they publish their work. In this case they can set previously private posts to public after privacy is no longer necessary.
In addition to the above use cases, it can be applied to posts in PUMA, where posts are stored as private by default. It is troublesome to put them individually to public. This feature saves a lot of time and clicking in such a case!

** Batchedit page can be reached by firstly clicking on the small cog-wheel symbol above a post-list ( On the own BibSonomy page) and then selecting the ‘edit own entries …’.

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