Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feature of the Week: Integration into your WordPress blog

Bloggers who are using WordPress may be interested in a plugin that helps them not only to integrate data from BibSonomy into posts and ordinary pages but (almost) automatically publish their posts on BibSonomy.

Once you've installed the plugin, go to Settings - BibSonomy and at least enter your username and API key. Then test your setup with a click on Show posts, select a post and submit it with a click on Post selection - your post will appear as a new bookmark on BibSonomy.

While it's a really nice thing to have your blog posts synchronized with BibSonomy another powerful feature is to integrate your bookmarks, publications or tags into your content. Publishing your tag cloud from BibSonomy boils down to this simple shortcode: [bibsonomy-tags]. More complex requests like retrieving the three most recent publications that are tagged with folksonomy is possible too: [bibsonomy-posts resourceType="bibtex" tags="folksonomy" end="3"]. Have a look at more examples.

From a developers point of view this plugin is powered by an implementation of BibSonomy's webservice in PHP. If you want to build something on top of that, you can download the API here. We're really interested in your feedback, so don't hesitate to write us about your experience.

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