Thursday, July 24, 2014

Feature of the Week: Clipboard for beginners

This week we want to introduce some features offered by our clipboard that some of you might not know yet. The clipboard enables you to collect a subset of your own and other's publications. To add publications to the clipboard you can simply use BibSonomy's clipboard button as shown below: 

Once you've added all publications of interest to the clipboard you can export them using a format like MS Office XML, which was introduced last week. 

Another feature of the clipboard which is only available for your own publications is the adding of tags to multiple publications. You get there by clicking "edit own entries" in the above figure.

For example, if you want to collect publications as relevant literature for a paper, a class or a project, you can mark these publications in the clipboard by adding a meaningful tag to them.

Happy tagging!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Feature of the week: MS Office XML export

The new MS Office XML export enables you to easily import your publications into MS Word.

To export a publication, simply select the "MSOffice XML"-Option in the "all formats"-ComboBox and save the xml-file.

You can also export all your Publications via selecting the "MSOffice XML"-Option on the export page. To import your publications into MS Word open the Reference-Manager, select "Browse..." and open the export xml.

Now you can select the publications you wish to copy into your bibliography on the left side, hit "copy" to add them and finally close the window.

Et voilà!. A click on "bibliography" lets you add the bibliography to your document, including all your previously imported sources.

Happy Tagging

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