Friday, May 24, 2013

Release 2.0.35

Hello our dear BibSonomy folks,

sorry for being somewhat silent last week. We have been very busy working on new BibSonomy integrations (you will hear about them soon). Most of these are still in the development branch. Today we released version 2.0.35 of BibSonomy containing mainly additional stuff that what we finished along the way.

Here is what version 2.0.35 got for you:
and of course: Happy tagging!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Feature of the Week: Renaming Uploaded Documents

Hello fellow BibSonomy users,

sometimes there is a need to rename a document you've already attached to a post. Previously, this was not possible in a convenient manner.
But now, due to recent work by Lukas, it is.

Now, let's go trough the process of renaming a file.

First, we pick the post that contains the document.

Next, pressing the icon resembling "rename" next to the file name we want to change ...

... opens the input text field where we can enter the new file name.

Thank you for reading and, as always,

Happy Tagging

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sometimes it is good to have some work done automatically and we would like to assist you. To make your life easier, BibSonomy supports importing BibTeX and EndNote files (you may get these files from Google scholar for example - or maybe you typed them manually while preparing your previous publications).

Just click "upload file" when you want to add a publication:

Choose the file you want to import and click "post" (you are welcome to edit some options to adjust the import):

Afterwards you may edit the publication manually:

But the best part is: you can also upload files with many publications. All imported publications will be marked with the tag "imported", so you can easily find and edit them later:

Hope this feature will help to save some of your time.

Happy tagging!

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