Thursday, April 17, 2014

API functionality: Get related tags to a tag

Hello, dear BibSonomy users,

some while ago, we added a new useful functionality to our REST API. Until now, we offered an overview of some details for a given tag if you called the following URL:[tag]
Now, we added a parameter so you can specifically get all supported kinds of correlated tags like related and (semantically) similar tags.[tag]?relation=<relation>
Instead of <relation>, you'd have to fill in one of the following briefly explained options:
  • related: Related tags are all those tags which ever appeared together with the requested tag on any resource in the system. On a side note: You can even use several tags for this relation. This works with[tag](+tag)*?relation=related
  • similar: By requesting similar tags to a tag, you'll receive those tags which are highly related in a semantical way, i.e. the more similar a tag tag1 is to a tag2, the easier can you replace tag1 with a tag2 without a major change of meaning.
This is only one of many possible operations that we offer by our REST API. For a quick overview, take a look at our Wikipage. Keep in mind that you need an API key to access these commands. You can get it on your user settings page in BibSonomy.

Happy Easter :)

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