Monday, January 8, 2024

Release 4.1.0

Dear BibSonomy users,

again right in time for Christmas / Holidays we finished our - extensive - work on BibSonomy Version 4.1.0 and released it.

There have been over 2.000 commits and over 5.000 files changed since our last release! Thus, this is a major update that includes tons of bugfixes and some new features, but most importantly a lot of technical rework invisible in the background.

The most visible changes are a new layout for viewing details of a post, a newly redesigned batch edit page, and much more. 

Furthermore, we fixed/updated almost all scrapers from our scraper framework - also stay tuned as we plan bigger improvements in this regard to make sure that our scrapers stay up to date!

Happy Tagging

your BibSonomy Crew

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