Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Feature of the week: System Tags

In BibSonomy there exist a few special tags, so called system tags, which expand its functionality. Today I'd like to give a short overview. Information on (system) tags can also be found on our help pages.

System tags can be grouped into two categories:

Tags that can be added to a post 
  • for:<groupname> copies a post to a group's collection with the tag replaced by from:YourUserName. The copied post will remain unaltered if you change or delete your own post. You must be a member of the group you forward the post to.
  • myown: adds the post to your CV page.
  • send:<username> sends a post to the inbox of another BibSonomy user. To use this tag, the receiver must have added you to his BibSonomy friends list or you and the receiver must have at least one group in common.
  • sys:hidden:<tag> hides a tag from every user besides yourself. 
  • sys:relevantFor:<groupname> adds a post to the relevantFor-page of the a group. This tag has the same effect as selecting a group in the "relevant for"-box while editing the post.

Tags that can be used as a filter for search queries 
  • sys:author:<authorname> filters the search range by author.
  • sys:bibtexkey:<bibtexkey> filters the search range by bibtexkey.
  • sys:entrytype:<entrytype> filters the search range by entry type.
  • sys:group:<group> filters the search range by group.
  • sys:not:<tag> excludes entries with tag <tag>. Here you can also use wildcards, e.g. sys:not:news_* excludes all posts with tags that start with "news_". See our earlier blog post for more information.
  • sys:title:<title> filters the search range by title.
  • sys:user:<user> filters the search range by user.
  • sys:year:<year> filters the search by year of the publication. Several arguments are possible, e.g.:
    • 2000: all posts of the year 2000
    • 2000-: all posts from the year 2000 or from one of the following years
    • -2000: all posts from the year 2000 or from an earlier year
    • 1990-2000: all posts from the years 1990 to 2000

I hope this overview will help to improve your experience with BibSonomy. 

Happy Tagging!

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