Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Ideas for New Features

Thanks to Wouter's and the other new users' input, we've discussed a couple of possible new features today...

BibTeX Snowball Effect
It would be cool if I could be presented with other people's
input for BibTeX fields I left out. E.g. "Would you like to copy the info that "someuser" has said that article "xyz" appeared on pages "127-139"? Of course this would have to be presented in a less verbose fashion at the click of a button, e.g. as a list when posting, or between fields in the BibTeX edit form.

Information Extraction for References
One really wants to have something that can translate something like
Douglas Adams. "The Salmon of Doubt". Reprint Edition. Ballantine Books, 2003.
and all the variants thereof into a proper BibTex entry.

PDF Information Extraction
The next level of coolness would be to do the
above directly from the references in a PDF file.

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