Tuesday, March 21, 2006

EndNote Export

We have set up a first version of an EndNote export filter which you can access by putting /endnote in the URL, i.e. for /tag/web you get the EndNote output on /endnote/tag/web. There is also an EndNote button in the footer of pages which support EndNote export.

Note that since we're more into BibTeX we have little experience with EndNote and therefore we used the EndNote User's Guide (pages 172-175) to relate BibTeX fields to EndNote fields. There were several BibTeX fields for which we did not find a corresponding EndNote field. In the following tables you can see the mapping. If you have suggestions to improve EndNote output, let us know.

EndNote Tag EndNote Field Name BibTeX Field Name
%A Author author
%B Secondary Title booktitle
%C Place Published address
%D Year year
%E Editor editor
%F Label
%G Language
%H Translated Author
%I Publisher publisher
%J Journal journal
%K Keywords keywords
%L Call Number
%M Accession Number
%N Number number
%P Pages pages
%Q Translated Title
%R Electronic Resource Number
%S Tertiary Title
%T Title title
%U URL url
%V Volume volume
%W Database Provider
%X Abstract abstract
%Y Tertiary Author
%Z Notes annote
%0 Reference Type BibTeX Entry Type
%1 Custom 1
%2 Custom 2
%3 Custom 3
%4 Custom 4
%6 Number of Volumes
%7 Edition edition
%8 Date
%9 Type of Work
%? Subsidiary Author
%! Short Title
%# Custom 5
%$ Custom 6
%] Custom 7
%& Section chapter
%( Original Publication
%) Reprint Edition
%* Reviewed Item
%+ Author Address
%^ Caption
%> Link to PDF
%< Research Notes
%[ Access Date
%= Last Modified Date
%~ Name of Database

BibTeX Entry Type EndNote Entry Type
article Journal Article
book Book
booklet Book
inbook Book Section
incollection Book Section
inproceedings Conference Paper
manual Generic
mastersthesis Thesis
misc Generic
phdthesis Thesis
proceedings Conference Proceedings
techreport Report
unpublished Unpublished Work

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