Thursday, March 13, 2014

Getting access to the full-text of publications made easy

Most scientific publications are not freely available from the publisher but require payment or a subscription. However, more and more authors support Open Access and their publications are available in the web free-of-charge. 

How can you find freely available PDF versions of publication posts in BibSonomy? With the last release we added a small feature that helps you finding such documents: 

On publication details pages you find now a search box which allows you to search for a publication on one of the major academic search engines. There you can often find a link to a freely accessible PDF:
I think this really improves my workflow, because before we added this feature, I had to manually copy the title and search for it to find the PDF. Now the PDF is only a stone's throw from BibSonomy. We hope you like the feature as much as I do.

Happy Tagging!

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