Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Release 2.0.42

Today we relased version 2.0.42 of BibSonomy. As usual, the new release brings features and improvements. This time there are:
  • new Scrapers for JStage and DeGruyter making it easy to add publication posts for publications from one of these pages.
  • In the settings, BibSonomy now allows managment of OAuth authorizations including the possibility to delete(revoke) single authorizations.
  • post lists in API responses can now be sorted by additional criteria
  • the API now has functionality to access preview pictures
  • A new footer for the website with links to many useful documentation and plugins.
  • The publication details page now has a new search box to search for a publication in external sources
Details follow in our feature of the week posts.

Happy Tagging!
Stephan and Jens

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