Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Google+ Community and New Release

We now have  a Google+ Community for BibSonomy to keep you updated about changes and new features. In particular, we will present and discuss planned features in the community. So if you are interested in first-hand updates on what's going on "behind the scenes", just join the community!

And, by the way, today we released a new (intermediate) version of BibSonomy that was mainly thought as a bugfix release but also includes some new interesting features:
  • We removed the </br> from the Chicago and the APA layout
  • We removed user name case sensitivity in some methods in the REST API
  • Changes for the scrapers:
    • OpenUniversity (new)
    • AAAIScraper (new)
    • IEEEXploreBookScraper (fixed)
    • JStorScraper (fixed)
    • MetapressScraper (fixed)
    • NatureScraper (fixed)
    • PubMedScraper (fixed)
    • SpringerLinkScraper (fixed)
    • TaylorAndFrancisScraper (fixed)
  • extended and overhauled batch edit page (you can now normalize your BibTeX keys!)
  • cleaned up publication details page (different citation styles accessible using tabs)
  • removed text area resizer (most browsers now have built-in support for this)
  • fixed publication field completion (annoying bug from upgrading jQuery UI)
  • moved references of community posts into tab (= less cluttered page)
Happy tagging!

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