Thursday, December 6, 2012

Feature of the Week: Firefox Plug-in

Since we indicated that there would be a bookmarklet buttons version for Firefox it has now come the time to finally introduce it.

Upon installation, three buttons are placed next to your address bar (see screenshot).
Those three buttons represent the actions already familiar to you from the old bookmarklets:
  • to open up your myBibSonomy home page you click the first one 
  • by clicking the next one you can post a bookmark and resp. 
  • by clicking the last one you can post a publication. 
Just like with the Chrome plug-in you can set up shortcuts, thus clicking a button becomes redundant. Just configure your shortcuts in the settings of the add-on. If you are using Firefox occasionally just follow this link to the plug-in at the Mozilla Add-On site and try it for yourself.

Users with browsers other than Chrome and Firefox: We are currently developing similar plug-ins for several other browsers. Next will be a version for Safari.

Happy Tagging (now even faster than ever)

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