Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Release 2.0.29

Today we released BibSonomy 2.0.29 which includes some smaller updates that nevertheless might help you a lot:
  • The tag search now supports the "but not" negation, i.e., you can search for posts that have some tags but not some other tags using the system tag sys:not:TAG. For example, you can get all posts that have the tag folksonomy but not the tag bookmarking by searching for folksonomy+sys:not:bookmarking.
  • Firefox and Chrome add-ons now replace the well-known bookmarklets - you can get them from the buttons page.
  • We included tag autocompletion on some places, including the editTags page and at the quick tag editor in post lists.
  • We made the layout using less space on your screen (reload the page with Shift-F5 to see the effect).
  • The QR code scanner is now also available to post publications.
Furthermore, several internal improvements and bug fixes were released, including
  • an updated Spring framework
  • a new method createReferences for our REST API
  • a more sensitive extraction pattern for the COinS scraper
  • improved QR code scanning and rendering
  • HTML/CSS fixes for touch device
We hope that everything runs smoothly, if you experience any problems, please let us know!

Happy Tagging!

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