Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Feature of the week: BibSonomy Buttons - Chrome Add-on

Some of you may already know the bookmarklet buttons which you can add to your bookmarks bar to conveniently open up your myBibSonomy page, save bookmarks and publications - all by a single click.

Now recently, by default more recent browsers hide the bookmarks bar or/and don't allow the placement of bookmarklets there. Since the bookmarklets are an important convenience feature for a fast and efficient tagging experience, we've been working on a feature that'll integrate the process of posting to BibSonomy right into your web browser - directly as an Add-on. The first browser to receive such an addon is Google's Chrome.

Upon installation, a BibSonomy button is placed next to your address bar.
And by clicking it four buttons will appear in a menu (see screenshot).

Three of those buttons represent the actions you already know from the old bookmarklets:
  • the first one opens up your myBibSonomy page
  • the next is for posting a bookmark 
  • and the last one for posting a publication.
The fourth button opens a settings menu for the add-on. To further enhance this integration, the extension offers shortcuts - so you even don't have to make a click! Just configure your shortcuts in the settings of the add-on.

If you are a frequent user of Chrome just follow this link to the plugin at the Chrome Web Store and try it for yourself.

Users with any other browser: We are currently developing a similar plugin for several other browser. Next in line is Firefox.

Happy Tagging (now even faster than ever)

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