Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Feature of the week: Linked discussions


today I introduce you a fresh baked feature, the opportunity to add links to BibSonomy posts to your discussions. This is especially handy if you want to connect some of your post, like recommending a related paper.

How to do that? Easy question!

First of all, you have to go to the post you want to write a review about. For me, this is the book "Writing That Works". Then you click on the stars to start writing a discussion.

As you see, until now this publication had no review at all. That is really a pity. A good publication or web page deserves to get a good feedback, and the bad ones as well.

Okay, lets continue on our tutorial. You write your review as usual. To add a link, just use the Wikipedia syntax and frame your link with doubled square brackets.

As you see, there is no "http://" and stuff like that. We made it like this to prevent spammers from misusing this wonderful feature and append advertisements to your publications. Just use the part of the URI that begins after "". In my case this is "url/2536259b61404196b5a7e1a95e5d17dc". A publication would have "bibtex/" instead of "url/" as prefix.

Basically, that's it. I hope you enjoy our new feature and keep in mind: Every post deserves a good feedback.

Happy discussing


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