Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BibSonomy Release 2.0.23

BibSonomy now runs as version 2.0.23! This release contained a lot of clean-up with respect to the latest layout changes.
  • The page is now completely scrollable again.
  • Preview pictures of publications are only displayed on larger screens.
  • The sidebar is no longer undisplayed on smaller screens to keep all navigation (tags, similar tags, discussion pages, etc.) available.

The non-scrollable version of BibSonomy might come back sometime as one of two or more options to choose from in your personal settings. Our efforts to redesign BibSonomy continue and we hope to see some results within the next months.

Next to these design-minded changes, the new release includes:

  • An all new experimental feature: QR Codes for publications and a QR Code scanner on the clipboard.
  • A first draft for referencing publications or bookmarks in discussions (reviews and comments (take a look).
  • A first draft for posting publications by uploading a .pdf file.

Stay tuned for the next feature of the week posts to learn more about these new possibilities.

Happy tagging


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