Friday, September 30, 2011

Feature of the Week: Discussed Posts

"My God, It's full of Stars!" is what you're supposed to say when entering a big black monolith and it's also what you'll probably think when checking out this week's new BibSonomy feature.
Before the summer break we introduced the new review and discussion feature. Now, we have added a page to BibSonomy that gives an overview over all those resources that have been reviewed or commented. You can reach it at or just by clicking the new "discussed posts" link in the menu.
The page lists all the recently discussed bookmarks and publications. To make the overview as concise and discussion-focused as possible, the posts are displayed in a reduced form including the title, the description and of cause the average star rating. The stars also function as link to the resource's discussion page, where you can add your own comments or review.
If you are looking for a contribution by someone in particular, there is a user specific version of the "discussed"-page. E. g. has bookmarks and publications discussed by user hotho. Find a link to these pages in the sidebar of the regular user pages e. g.

You'll reach your personal discussed page in the myBibSonomy menu under the item myDiscussedPosts.

We hope, the new feature will make it easier for you to engage in discussion of the current hot topics of science!
Let us know your opinion and make sure the discussed-page is always "full of stars"!


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