Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feature of the Week: File-Upload

One of the main advantages of organizing references in BibSonomy is the online availability of your collection. To facilitate your scientific workflow BibSonomy allows not only the storage of a publication's bibliographic data but also to attach a document - e. g., a private copy of the paper or your own personal notes - to your post.
Our last release included a general overhaul of this file upload feature.
It is now possible to store several documents with the same publication. Further, you can now upload your files either
  • directly during posting or while editing a post (click edit and then details to edit a post)

  • or on the posts details page (simply click on the title of one of your posts to get there).

To retrieve your documents go to the post's details page. Posts that have documents attached are marked with the document symbol on your myBibSonomy page. By clicking on the symbol you can download the first of your documents.

Note, that (mainly due to Copyright reasons) the uploaded documents are private. That is, they are available only to you and to the members of the groups that you have joined.

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