Monday, March 14, 2011

Feature of the Week: DOI Integration

We are still improving the integration of the Digital Object Identifier System (DOI), which tackles the problem of referencing, among others, digitally published scientific publications. As already described in a previous post, you can store a reference to such a publication by selecting its DOI with your mouse somewhere on some web page and applying one of our bookmarklets "post bookmark" or "post publication":

You can, of course, also enter a DOI in the post publication dialog or by providing accordingly formatted BibTeX fields as described a an other blog post. Publication references in BibSonomy containing DOIs can be easily identified in every resource list, as the corresponding entries contain a direct link to the referenced resource:

With our last release, we additionally added the DOI link to the details page of each publication containing a digital object identifier, allowing to easily navigate to a resource of interest:

Stay tuned to learn more about new features and background information - Happy Tagging!


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