Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New BibSonomy release online

In this blog, we usually announce new features of BibSonomy, as we're working steadily on improving our service. Some improvements are more visible, others not so much - e.g. when we optimize things in the code or server infrastructure. The latter is what we have been concerned with in the last weeks - we've continued to migrate old parts of the code into our new web application framework, fixed bugs, refactored some parts of the code, and so on.

Yesterday (Monday, 23rd of Feb 2009) we've released a major part of these "background improvements" - in the optimal case, you actually shouldn't notice a lot of it (except that our service has become faster and more reliable). But as we as developers usually become a bit "system-blind", we'd be grateful for any kind of feedback in case you encounter anomalies or irregularities during your daily work with bibsonomy.org.

More specifically, the following pages / functionalities were touched during the release:
In any case we hope to have made better the service for you - and thanks in advance for any kind of feedback! Best regards,

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