Thursday, August 2, 2007

Feature of the Week: Tag Box Settings

Some weeks ago we improved and unified the settings for the tag cloud. If you have JavaScript enabled you see now above your tag cloud the options for sorting (Which could be either by frequency (i.e., how often you used a tag) or alphabetically.), layout (You can choose between a cloud or a list.), and minimal frequency (Allows you to show only tags which you used at least that often.).

On the settings page all those options (and some more) can be changed, too. There you can also adjust the minimal tag frequency at a finer granularity and activate tooltips for your tags. For users with deactivated JavaScript the settings page is the preferred way to change the layout of their tag cloud.

Furthermore, if you are logged in the settings are now saved in the database. Hence, when you switch to another browser or computer, you see your tag cloud always in the same layout.

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