Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Feature of the week

This weeks feature is a simple but pretty useful one: the fulltext search. You can access it by entering the search string into the textbox in the upper right corner of BibSonomy and then hitting the return key or pressing the search button.

The fulltext search finds words contained in URLs, titles, descriptions and especially all BibTeX fields like author, editor or bibtexkey. Hence you can use it to search for authors of publications. This is one of the features we will improve in the near future, such that searching exclusively on authors and editors will be possible.

There is already another feature available: you can restrict the search to the posts of a certain user by adding user:USERNAME (i.e., user:jaeschke) to the search. Hence, you can search inside your own posts e.g. for a publication with a specific bibtexkey. This has been automated by Christoph in the small Perl script which downloads all references from BibSonomy which are contained in a LaTeX *.aux file. This is a convenient way to add all references to an article.

By the way: the table for the fulltext search is only updated four times an hour, hence, your new posts might appear after some minutes only.

Best, Robert

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