Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Recent Changes

Today we want to announce some minor changes we included in BibSonomy in the last few weeks and which might be interesting to our users.

First, tags belonging exclusively to non-public posts are now not in a users tag cloud any longer. Of course, this does not hold for your own tag cloud where you can still see all tags.

Second, a list of screen scrapers which are available is now accessible on /scraperinfo. The scrapers support the import of publication references from web sites with well known structure like ACM or Springer. Additionally we added a scraper which (with the help of an information extraction technique) also allows to import single references which are in a format readable for humans. Just select an entry and press the "postPublication" button in your Browser (which you can get here).

Third, we updated the scraper interface - the new version is now available: org.bibsonomy.scraper_0.2.jar.

As always we're curently working on more features to make BibSonomy more usable and we will announce them here, soon.

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