Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Release 3.6.0

We have released version 3.6.0 in late June. Although it is a little bit late, here is the list of the released features:
  • We added schema.org markup to all our pages.
  • Group administrators and moderators can edit the posts of a group. E.g. admins and mods of the group 'bibsonomy_dev' can edit all posts owned by 'bibsonomy_dev'. You can copy your posts to the group using the "for" system tag.
  • Group administrators can regenerate the API key of the group.
  • We fixed the URL encoding. Before, we encoded spaces with a '+' in a URL path, e.g. /user/hotho/clustering+text, now we follow RFC standard and encode spaces with '%20', e.g. /user/hotho/clustering%20text.
  • We now index the full text of your private uploaded documents. Only you can search for text in the full text of a publication.
We also fixed over 40 other bugs. As always we adapted some publication meta data scrapers.

Happy tagging

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