Friday, April 17, 2015

BibSonomy TYPO3 Extension Supports TYPO3 Version 6.2 LTS

PUMA/BibSonomy CSL is an extension for the TYPO3 content management system. It renders publication lists and tag clouds, e.g., for personal home pages or project websites. Since it uses publication data directly from PUMA/BibSonomy. They can be selected using tags or user/group names. Thus users are spared the effort of adding publications manually to TYPO3.

The last long term support (LTS) release of TYPO3 was version 4.5, which by now is not longer supported. Therefore, we have updated PUMA/BibSonomy CSL, to work with TYPO3 6.2 (LTS). More information about the release road map of TYPO3 can be found on

PUMA/BibSonomy CSL uses the Citation Style Language (CSL). Thus, users can choose to render their publication lists in any bibliographic style. A huge set of CSL styles is available at

Get an overview of the extension's features:
  • Insert publications from individual users or groups.
  • Use tags to filter publications of a certain topic.
  • Choose your favourite style from a set of citation stylesheets to render a bibliography in your favourite bibliographic style, such as APA, Harvard, Chicago, and many more.
  • Install and manage your own citation stylesheets.
  • Choose a language for your citation style.
  • Insert a tag cloud on your webpage and present your top topics of interest.
  • Offer associated documents as download.
  • Render preview images of these documents.
  • Group your entries by year or publication type.
  • Sort your publication list by title, author, and year.
  • Configure the extension once in TYPO3, and manage your own publications in BibSonomy/PUMA.

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