Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Feature of the Week: user-based document sharing for groups

While using the group system, you’ve probably noticed that your uploaded documents can be shared with other group members. Unfortunately, the corresponding setting could only be managed by the group admin. So whenever you uploaded a document to your post, you had no control whether it will be shared with that group or not. This might cause copyright issues or other problems. To solve this, we’ve added a new feature to our group system: user-based document sharing. You can now manually decide whether to share your documents with each of your groups or not. This setting is accessed via the sidebar on the settings page (Note: the links are only visible if the group allows document sharing):

As a result documents will only be displayed to you when
  • you're the owner of the post.
  • you and the posts owner have a group in common, where the owner as well as the group allows document sharing.
Keep in mind this only affects the sharing of uploaded documents and not the post itself.

Happy tagging!

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