Thursday, June 27, 2013

Release 2.0.36

Yesterday we released version 2.0.36 of BibSonomy. The release contained several new features:
  • while editing one of your bookmarks or publications the tag autocompletion shows you the origin of the suggested tag. Whether it is a tag you already used to annotate other resources or a tag of the bookmark/publication you are currently copying from another user or a tag recommended by our service.
  • added JSON CSL output to the export pages and export controls. The output is compatible with  all CiteProc implementations (PHP, JavaScript, Haskell).
  • added a shorturl that directly takes you to your published publications (and bookmarks), just enter and you are redirected to your resources that you have tagged with the myown tag
  • improved scrapers (e.g. Mendeley and ACM)
As usual we also fixed some bugs to improve your experience with BibSonomy.

Happy tagging

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