Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BibSonomy Release 2.0.22 - The one with the new Layout

Today, we released BibSonomy in version 2.0.22. The release contains several bug fixes, some internal clean up ...
... and BibSonomy's new design!

If you've read last week's post you already knew, what to expect. Now you can enjoy the real thing. The new layout is based on the design of Daniil Tanygin. All of BibSonomy's functionality has been kept available. Some of it is now more easily accessible: Check out those new buttons we've put above the sidebar for managing your inbox, your basket, your tags, spheres, and settings.
Also new are the preview pictures next to each post. While they tell you the BibTeX type (like article, book, proceedings, ...) as default, once you've uploaded your own copies of publications they will show you previews of them.

We hope, that the new design will make BibSonomy
  • more structured
  • better arranged
  • more comprehensible and accessible for newcomers
  • and simply more beautiful.

For newcomers, there has been the appearance setting in your personal settings, with two options "simple" and "advanced". If you are missing entries from your myBibSonomy menu, this might be because this option is set to simple in your settings.

If you have any comments regarding the new layout please let us know (via e-Mail, Twitter or using the discussion options below this post).
We'll report more on some particular changes in the layout in our following feature of the week posts.

The release also included
  • further allowed file types for the private documents upload (htm, html, epub) and
  • a similar users section on the spheres page.

Enjoy the new look!

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