Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Release (2.0.20)

Yesterday we deployed our monthly release of BibSonomy - we're at version 2.0.20 now. The new improvements and features of this release are mainly of internal nature; in addition, we fixed a lot of bugs in order to make your overall usage experience better. Specifically, this release contained the following improvements:
  • First embedding of metadata to facilitate a structured access by search engines
  • fixed Delicious importer
  • fixed sphere dialogues
  • fixed authorization issue via Typo3 plugin
  • fixed layout problems on BibSonomy's mobile view
  • many further small bug & layout fixes
  • added new scraper for Google Books
  • repaired scrapers (Amazon, PubMed, Cell, CiteseerX)
  • adapted database indexes for faster response times
  • added support for synchronization to REST-API
In December, we will take a break from our monthly release cycle, to be prepared to start the new year 2012 with the next release. Until there, stay tuned, and happy tagging!

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