Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today's Release (2.0.19)

Today we released BibSonomy 2.0.19, parts of the source code are again available in our Maven repository.

As always, this release contains numerous small bugfixes. Here we typically present only the coolest new features or important changes and fixes. Today I want to make an exception from this and give you the complete list of changes such that you can get an impression on what we've been working in the last month. Of course, there are more features in progress that will be released soon.

List of Changes for BibSonomy 2.0.19:
  • slightly new layout for start page
  • only posts from trusted users are now shown on start page
  • introduced spheres (hint: a highly interesting feature that will be presented by Folke in the next feature of the week)
  • added statistics for the /discussed page
  • removed deprecated Bibsonomy class from REST API - use RESTLogic instead
  • removed Delicious Yahoo! importer
  • better exception handling for Delicious import
  • migrated add/remove friend
  • filter param "myPDF" renamed to "JUST_PDF", "myDuplicates" to "DUPLICATES"
  • BibTeX key no longer marked as required and is now automatically generated, if not entered on /postPublication
  • tag field marked as required input
  • removed sidebar filter
  • optional fields (homepage, realname) now hidden during registration
  • "join group" links in new layout; only shown when not already member
  • fixed width of group real name for /group pages
  • JSON export now contains separated person names (first/last)
  • larger headings for tab layouts
  • fixes for PLOS and ScienceDirect scraper
  • fixed OpenID bug (whitespace around OpenID)
  • related users in sidebar now as cloud (not list)
  • added HTTP Basic Authentication (only available when SSL is used)
  • added SSL (only available when HTTP Basic Authentication is used)

As always, we'll go into detail in our "Feature of the Week" blog post series.

Happy tagging!

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