Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Release 2.0.11

As announced, we released BibSonomy version 2.0.11 today. We also updated our publicly available libraries at our Maven repository. The new release contains various small bugfixes and internal restructurings which should make it run smoother and more efficiently; apart from that, we've included some new features:
  • Spring Security: BibSonomy now implements Springs access-control framework for the user authentication process. For you as BibSonomy user there are several smaller changes that come along with the new framework:
    • The remember-me cookie (the cookie that keeps you logged in) is now optional. You can choose to stay logged in with a checkbox on the login-page. Note that using the login on the BibSonomy start page you will not get the cookie.
    • The registration process for OpenId is now significantly easier.
    • The registration link in the upper right corner has been removed. To register simply click sign in to get to the login page to find a registration link.
    • The passwort-reminder has changed: After requesting a new password you will receive one that only allows you to change your password. Afterwards you'll have to use the regular sign in.
  • The BibSonomy URL now accepts a new parameter resourcetype. E. g. will retrieve publication posts. The other option is of cause resourcetype=bookmark.
  • When posting a publication that you are the author of, you can add the tag myown to it. As from now you can also use the checkbox "I am an author" in the editing dialogue edit publication - which adds the tag myown to the post. Note that this also causes those posts to appear on your CV page.
  • The publication details page shows a DOI link, if a DOI is available.
  • Two new scrapers are offered: The PNASScraper for Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America and the ScienceMagScraper for the Science Magazine.
  • The photo you can upload on the settings page is now only scaled to 200 pixels for the longest side, if the longest side is larger than 200 pixels.

The next release (2.0.12) is scheduled for February 23h. If you have any feedback or comments regarding our new release, we would be happy to hear from you!


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