Friday, June 25, 2010

Feature of the week: New help pages

As some of you may already have noticed, BibSonomy has a new help page, which provides you with the information needed for exploiting the riches of our platform. Our main focus was the improvement of the design and usablility. The content itself has not changed much though. So next to the new interface description section, where all views are explained to you in details, you will find the new accordion style in large text sections coming in handy, because it offers you a much better overview:

E.g., have a look at our guide for your first steps within BibSonomy.

Another new feature is that you can now use the translation functionality. So if you want to read the help of a certain page in German, just click on the appropriate flag at the bottom of the content area and you will directly see the text in the requested language. You can find the new help pages under the very same address as the existing ones, so all your previous bookmarks will still get you, where you expect them to link to - or at least very close, so finding the content you need won't be much of a problem.

For the technically interested BibSonomy-blog readers: We constructed this help with a JSPWiki in the background and adapted it for our needs.

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