Friday, January 9, 2009

Feature of the week: maven repository

First, to all of our users a happy new year 2009!

This year will bring us new projects centered around BibSonomy and we hope to make the system much more useable. Today we're opening a part of the BibSonomy source code, so it's a post for all developers interested in BibSonomy.

A public maven repository is available on - our new developer page. Currently, the following modules are available:

All code is released under GPL or even LGPL licenses. We will soon provide updates on a regular basis. For bug reports we suggest to use the issue tracker at our collaborative development environment.

We would be very pleased to get some feedback and hope to stimulate some further external development around BibSonomy. Have fun playing around with the code and let us know what you've done with it.

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