Friday, March 28, 2008

Easteregg of the Week: BibSonomy Link on Websites

Some websites such as the German news magazine Spiegel provide a link or a button on their web pages so that a page’s visitor can easily store the page in a social bookmarking system. For example, the column Zwiebelfisch about the specialities of the German language shows a "Bookmark" link above the title. Providing such a link has several advantages for providers and users: on the one hand, being visible in a social bookmarking system can increase the popularity of the website, on the other hand users get the possibility to store interesting web resources at a central place.

The technique to include such a link or button on your website is simple and can be realized by including a small javascript into your html code. For people interested in offering such a link or button to store bookmarks in BibSonomy we now provide the javascript code on the following BibSonomy page. Just try it on your website or blog – it is really easy!


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