Friday, November 9, 2007

Feature of the week: A tagcloud for the ISWC + ASWC 2007

Next week, the 6th International Semantic Web Conference and the 2nd Asian Semantic Web Conference are hosted in Busan, Korea. About 120 conference, workshop and doctoral papers will be presented and discussed. With the help of a RDF dump, publication metadata and hyperlinks are now available in BibSonomy.

The system contains all accepted papers, together with the keywords (tags) that authors have associated with their papers or that show up in the paper titles. To help conference participants finding interesting works, a web-frontend has been created which shows a tag cloud of the most important keywords. The color of each tag indicates the track to which most abstracts annotated with that tag belong to. Clicking on a tag (keyword) will retrieve from BibSonomy the abstracts that have been tagged with it.

While attending the conference, participants can further collect, annotate and share publications using BibSonomy. The "cool" stuff is presented when clicking on "See you what your collegues find cool". A specific search showing all publications of a searched author completes the retrieval facilities of BibSonomy.

The idea to enable publication sharing in conferences was started at the Statphys23 conference in 2007 under the umbrella of the Tagora project. The ISWC + ASWC tagcloud has been realized with support of Nepomuk.

Given the necessary BibTeX entries to store publication abstracts, metadata and associated keywords in BibSonomy, we can provide BibSonomy web front-ends presenting a conference's tag cloud and interests (cool stuff). With this initiative we hope to enhance and round up discussions and information sharing among research communities.


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