Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Feature of the week: interactive tutorials and new help structure

On 12th April 2007 it is BibSonomy's birthday :-) Two years of design, development and the contribution of its users have enhanced the system constantly. In order to show BibSonomy's features and support users starting to work with the system, we have changed our help-websites.

* A general overview of all help functionality we offer can be found at:

* A special highlight are the interactive tutorials making basic and complex actions in BibSonomy easy to understand (thank you Christian!):

* Users who want to get the most of BibSonomy can find tips, tricks and useful tools at:

* Finally, we want to give more background information on what is going on behind and around BibSonomy:

With the new help features, we hope to improve BibSonomy's usability. We are happy to get your feedback if important information is missing or if you have more ideas ...


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