Friday, July 6, 2012

Feature of the Week: The Page-Options Menu

Quick access to useful functions is an important aspect in user experience. We are doing our best to create better user experience for BibSonomy users. Let me introduce to you the Page-Option wheel - the menu you can easily access from all BibSonomy pages with lists of bookmarks or publications (e.g. on the home page or on your myBibSonomy page). This menu usually lets you to do actions with lists of posts you see on the screen.

Let me introduce the most common available actions:

export: For the quick export of all publications or bookmarks currently displayed. Of course, the common bookmarks export formats are different from the ones we suggest for publications. You can also tune the export options for BibTex:

sort: Both date and name sort orders are available. Sorted are the bookmarks and publications that are currently displayed.

clipboard: Аdd the shown articles to the clipboard or clear all shown articles from your clipboard.

If you click "edit own entries" you will be forwarded to the page where you can delete several or all of the currently displayed posts at once or add one or more tags to all displayed posts and, of course, do all the common actions with the rest of the posts.

The last (but not least) feature is for those of you who like to work with only one type of resources (bookmarks or publications) by displaying either bookmarks or publications over the whole page width. Let me tell you about the usage of the options menu on some special pages:
CV page: Go to the "edit profile" page.

Concepts page: Go to the "edit own concepts" page.

Inbox page; Clear the inbox.

Hope you find these small Page-Options menu as useful as we do!

Happy exporting-sorting-working-tagging!

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