Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feature of the Week: New version of JabRef-plugin released!

As you will have noticed, we are maintaining a plugin for the open-source bibliography manager JabRef, which allows to easily download and upload entries from BibSonomy. We believe that this approach nicely combines the advantages of maintaining a local BibTeX-file with the comfort and usefulness of a centralized publication sharing platform like BibSonomy.

We have just now released a new version of this plugin, which offers some nice features to ease the maintenance of both collections (local + within BibSonomy)! Check it out:

  • Added document management: In JabRef and within BibSonomy, it is possible to attach a private copy (PDF, PS, ...) to a publication entry. The new version of our plugin allows to download all your private documents present in BibSonomy by a single click (first image). Furthermore, you can control in the settings menu that local documents are automatically uploaded to BibSonomy when you storethe publication (second image).

  • Automatic Synchronization: A typical problem is to keep both collections (your local .bib file and your BibSonomy account) synchronized. We are proud to offer a comfortable feature to automatically perform this task (third image on the right). This feature automatically checks for entries present in both collections if they are equal; if there is a difference, you can decide which version to keep. A 'diff-like' view helps you to see what has changed (4th image on the right).

  • Full-text search: In prior versions, it was only possible to retrieve posts from BibSonomy by tag. Now you can also perform a full-text search in your personal or in the global collection.
  • Further small additions & bugfixes: Apart from the above-mentioned new features, we improved the interface, fixed some bugs, and generally made the plugin more stable and better :)
You can download the latest version of the plugin here: The updated documentation can be accessed via We hope this new release helps you to be more efficient in your personal and shared publication managent - we are as usual always happy about feedback, comments, suggestions!!


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