Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Release 2.0.26

Since today we're running BibSonomy 2.0.26 on our servers. This version is mainly a bugfix release, and includes several internal optimizations which should make our service faster and more reliable. Apart from that, there's also some visible stuff contained - namely:

  • Support of complex tag queries: Up to now, we did not answer tag queries with 10 or more tags for performance reasons. With this release, this has changed, now also larger numbers of tags can be queried. For the techies: We've solved the performance issue using Lucene in the background
  • CSL via REST-API: Since our last release, we're offering a new export format for publications, namely formatted according to the Citation Style Language. This format is now also available via our API by appending the parameter ?format=csl
In any case stay tuned for further upcoming news from our side, and of course keep on tagging happily :)

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