Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Feature of the Week: Citavi Integration

Today's feature of the week is not concerned with something we offer on our own, but rather from a great 3rd party publication management software - namely Citavi. As you probably know, Citavi is a locally installed reference management software, designed to support the complete lifecycle of searching / organizing references and writing papers with them. In order to combine the advantages of a web-based collaborative system like BibSonomy and Citavi, there exist a number of integration possibilities since quite some time. First of all, you can of course export entries from BibSonomy and add them to your local Citavi collection. This is explained in the following little tutorial:

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In the opposite direction, you can export your entries from Citavi to your online web collection in BibSonomy:

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For the latter, an important requirement is that the setting "TeX mode" within Citavi is enabled.

While this is not a particularly new feature, we hope that such existing integration facilities broaden the spectrum of applicability of web-based and local reference management solutions. But of course, don't forget to tag ;-) so Happy Tagging,

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