Thursday, April 28, 2011

Release 2.0.14

Today was the monthly release of BibSonomy. Next to small fixes, this release includes several efficiency improvements e.g.,
  • an overhaul of several pages reducing the amount of data and
  • a compression (gzip) of all content BibSonomy sends to your browser.
With the new release we also introduce two new features that we will discuss in greater detail in the upcoming "Feature of the week" posts.
  • BibSonomy goes mobile: We added a new design specifically for browsers on mobile devices (like smart phones or tablets). The new scheme reduces the amount of information on a page, emphasising the core informations of each page and making BibSonomy fun to use even on small displays.
  • BibSonomy now has experimental support for content negotiation using the HTTP "Accept" header. Depending on the value of the header, the client is redirected to a view with the specific content-type. Supported formats are "application/rdf+xml", "text/csv", "application/json", and "text/x-bibtex".
As always, get back to us with any kind of feedback and enjoy the new features.
Happy tagging!

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