Friday, April 1, 2011

Feature of the Week: Password Buddies

Lately, we've been working hard to improve BibSonomy's social features. With the recent release we introduced another unique feature that was not announced until now. Following the intuition that secrets are always shared among best friends, our idea is to connect you to people who have the same login password for BibSonomy as you.
This is an outstanding feature that other social networking sites lack up to now - usually, you only get buddies recommended by some black-box algorithm. Our solution is more targeted towards the idea that great minds think alike, and hence choose the same password.
So if you have the same password as other users in BibSonomy, you'll see them in the sidebar in the new "your password buddies" section:

Just have a look at your personal page to get to know your possible new buddies.

Please note that it is possible that some of your password buddies have another password than you because of the possible hash collisions of the MD5 algorithm. Unfortunately we can not solve this issue because we don't store the plain text password, but we are working on an extension of the MD5 algorithm that produces no collisions.

Happy secret sharing!
Your BibSonomy team

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