Friday, April 8, 2011

Feature of the Week: Hidden System Tags

System tags are an easy means to facilitate your work with BibSonomy. Simply tagging a post with such a tag allows for example to forward that post to friends (send:xyz) or to a group (for:xyz), to mark the post as authored by yourself (myown) or to mark it relevant for a group (sys:relevantFor:xyz).
Until recently, heavy use of system tags would have caused such tags to appear in your post lists and in your tag cloud - often larger than other tags due to frequent use. We believe, that tag clouds should represent you and your interests rather than your habits. Therefore, several system tags are now hidden from both, tag cloud and post lists. As an example see the two tag clouds below.

The first one is the old version where no system tags are hidden, while the second one is what the cloud currently looks like. In the new cloud, the system tags
  • sent:anton (indicating that posts were sent to user anton) and
  • sys:relevantFor:kde (meaning a that posts were marked relevant for the group kde)
are hidden while the system tag myown appears in both clouds. Note, that the latter tag is not hidden since it not only makes posts appear on your CV page, but contains information about you as an author, which can be of relevance to you and other users as well. The other two tags simply provide functionality but are not informative as such. They have therefore been classified as hidden system tags.
In post lists (like on the home page or user post lists) hidden system tags are generally not displayed. However, on your own posts - if tagged with hidden system tags - you will find a small cog wheel symbol like here:
Hover with the mouse over the symbol and the system tags of that post will appear. Hidden system tags are also visible to you during any kind of post editing. Thus the functionality of such tags is ensured and stays transparent.

Happy (system) tagging!

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