Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Release 2.0.37

Hello BibSonomy Folks,

today, we released version 2.0.37 of BibSonomy. This version comes with the following new features:
  • When tag-autocompletion recommends one of the tags you already used, you now see how often you already used it before.
  • After searching, the resulting post list is ordered by relevance score. If you like, you can still switch back to order-by-date behavior.
  • With BibSonomy's bookmark importers you can now import bookmarks from Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera.
  • We added a fallback-scraper which uses Dublin Core metainformation for pre-filling your publication post form when there is no page-specific scraper available.
We wish lots of fun and productivity with these advancements and, of course ...

Happy tagging!


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