Monday, November 5, 2012

Feature of the week: Tag Autocompletion

BibSonomy is able to provide tags for any posted bookmark or publication.
Tags are meta-information that reduce the content or information of a post on relevant keywords. Usually one tag is used several times for different posts. We now added a new feature to easily grab the tags you‘ve used in older posts to describe your new post.

And here is how it works:
First choose the tag icon in the navigationbar. 

Then click into the searchfield and after you typed the first letter the corresponding tags appear in a list below. The more letters you type, the more exact the recommendation gets. Now you can choose the tag that fits your purpose best by using your mouse or arrow keys. After a mouseclick or a return the chosen tag appears in the searchfield.

This feature was added to different spots on the BibSonomy website:
  • the navigationbar
  • the edit tags page
  • the textfield that appears after a click on the pencil icon right next to the tags of a post in the postlist

Happy tagging,

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