Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Feature of the week: Post publications by scanning QR Codes/Barcodes

As some of you might have seen, we have recently introduced a new and useful feature: Scanning QR Codes from publications to add them to one's clipboard - e. g. to quickly compile a sublist of references for a paper. Also, not so long ago, Thomas introduced another new feature: Storing publications (see his blog post) by entering ISBN numbers.
This week, we take this one step further by combining these two features and adding a little spice to the recipe!

Now it is possible to scan documents with embedded Bibsonomy QR
Codes to post the according publications. BibSonomy collects all available data of your document automatically and redirects you to the edit publication page. And the best thing: This does not only work with QR Codes. You can now also also automatically post books by scanning the barcode on their respective back sides.

Here is how it works:

Navigate to the post publication page.

The BibSonomy homepage with the post publication navigation entry.

Click the scan code tab on the tabular navigation of the page to see the new Code Scanner.

After successfully scanning the respective code, BibSonomy will redirect you to the corresponding edit publication site, so that you can check the extracted inputs.

The Bibsonomy edit publication page with the extracted inputs.

We hope to improve your daily workflow on BibSonomy with this new feature. You can now add publications of colleagues to your own collection by simply scanning their printed versions without having to look them up on BibSonomy first.

Happy scanning


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